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Move Your Feet

Tennis is a movement game and everybody should focus on improving their footwork. This tip will teach you to avoid the most common footwork mistakes!

Lift The Ball On Your Groundstrokes

Most players hit way too many balls into the net. This is because they don't realize how much they need to lift the ball up over the net. This realization can often make someone a much better player in a short period of time!

A Free Lesson With: Novak Djokovic

Time Magazine's films Novak Djokavic providing lessons on all strokes of the game. Djokavic provides tips on the forehand, backhand, serve, drop shot, and overhead.

ariety is overrated -- INCLUDED: tennis strategy flow chart

Today I'm following up on your comments with "Variety is overrated." The key to a winning tennis strategy is your ability to repeat it over and over. Rinse and repeat. Etc.  Variety in tennis is helpful if it augments your strategy but variety isn't a strategy by itself.

Recent Articles

Developing A Match Mindset

Players usually play their best when they are not thinking about their game in a match. Instead things just flow naturally and the player is free to focus on strategy and tactical execution. In this article I want to give you some tips how to get into this mindset

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The 24-ball Serving Drilll

In this article I want to explain my favourite tennis serving drill. I call it the 24-serves drill and the idea is to hit every serve with a purpose and evaluate your performance.

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Recent Blogs

How to Perfect Your Topspins

Every day practice against a wall. I want you to draw a line the size that the net is on the courts. Now keep playing and trying to hit the ball hard  and right over the line. when you get that done you learned how to hit a topspin. Now ...

How to Keep Your Tennis Confidence After Mistakes

Welcome to session number seven of The Tennis Psychology Podcast. Dr. Patrick Cohn at Sports Psychology for Tennis, is a mental game of tennis expert and helps tournament players, tennis coaches and parents improve confidence, focus, and comp...